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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Fortune and Misfortune.

Today was the first run I had since I started my 'business' in Seattle. My first run since Robby died... Man, it was hard not thinkin' about him. I know he would've been proud though, and my totem saw me through like Thomas Standingbear always told me it would.

But anyway, back to the relevant stuff. I found this bar called The Jump House. Real quiet, but I don't think that's the norm for the place.

Met a troll there named Gerri--a fixer who just happened to be in need of a Shaman for a run. So, me being me, I had to ask if I could be her replacement.  Turned out it was a job I would've taken even if she hadn't asked me--a bunch of ghouls were scarin' the kids next to an orphanage. It was a solo run--somethin' I never tried before--but I figured... why not? It's for the kids.

I get there and assess the situation. Real calm-like. I could sense three hostiles in the house--one upstairs and two downstairs. Naturally, I went after the one upstairs first; I could sense him moving, pacing back and forth. A silence spell covered most of my steps, but it didn't extend as far as I thought... near the top, I guess he heard me. I couldn't see anything in the attic that I'd entered, except this mist... and I heard claws on the floor next to me.

Naturally, I thought "Ghoul!!" and fired.  Only to have some fang-faced vamp grab me from behind.

You can't grab a dwarf from behind and not expect to catch a serious beatin' afterward. In fact, your hoop is practically owned when (and I DO mean when) we get loose. And he tried to BITE me! I broke his grip, spun around, and Deputized him right in the head.

Of course. I didn't know it was a vampire until I saw those teeth. And he was unconscious, so I figured I'd de-fang 'im to teach him a lesson. Only when I tried, he grabbed me and threw me across the attic. I didn't realize how hard I fell; adrenaline was still goin'. He lept at me, I ducked and rolled, and tagged him with a manaball before I reached into my pocket for Lucky.

For those of you who don't know, I tend to pack one grenade on me always, just in case. And today was 'just in case'.

I didn't have my shades, so I just had to pray I wasn't blinded by my own grenade. Thankfully, I wasn't, and I've got a vampire skull to show for it.

The two ghouls downstairs were considerably easler to deal with; unfortunately, a little girl didn't make it...

Gerri said to hold off, in case they were sentient. They weren't, but I've got a hard time believin' that they CAN be. I wonder what kinda fool 'specialist' she's got waitin' in the wings that would think so...

Ah, well.

I got 600 Nuyen and free drinks out of the deal. And a hoop-kickin' trophy.

--End Transmission--

Posted at 9:03 pm by warbeard
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Sunday, December 28, 2003

This is just a test. Testing, testing, one two three...

Posted at 4:14 pm by warbeard
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